Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is LVbet Partners?

LVbet Partners is the official affiliate programme for

2. How do I sign up?

Simply, click the JOIN US button and fill in the short form with your personal and marketing details. After reviewing your application, one of our affiliate managers will contact you as soon as possible and activate your affiliate account.

3. Will it cost anything to join?

No. LVbet Partners is completely free of charge.

4. How can affiliates track their media and revenue statistics?

LVbet Partners uses the most popular and reliable service to track all statistics: Netrefer. It is easy to use and 100% accurate. You can access the most important statistical factors that concern your business – such as banner impressions, clicks, sign ups, number of depositing players, net revenue and commission – with just one click.

5. How often do you update the statistics?

Clicks and number of impressions are updated in real-time. Number of sign ups, depositing players, and revenue details are updated every 24hours.

6. How can I make profits?

Affiliates earn money from depositing players. Your earnings will be calculated based on the total net revenue made from each of your referred players.

7. How much commission will I earn?

During the first two months, you will receive a promotional 50% commission plan. Subsequently, you will earn between a 20% up to 40% share based on the Net Revenue. Furthermore, our Milestone Cash Bonus system guarantees that your efforts and results are maximally rewarded.

8. I don’t have a website; can I still join LVbet Partners?

Yes. It is possible to join our affiliate programme and start earning money with us even if you don’t own a website. Before joining, please contact us and present your marketing plan to one of our affiliate managers.  

9. How and when do I get paid?

Your commission will be transferred monthly, into your selected e-Wallet or bank account. Payments are issued within the first 14 days of each month. The minimum payout amount is €100. In case the generated revenue for the month is lower than €100, the amount will be transferred to the following month’s payout and so on, until the minimum payout amount of €100 is reached.

10. Where can I find the text links, banners and other media materials?

All of our marketing tools are uploaded to the Netrefer system. Log in, click on the MEDIA GALLERY button, filter your search, and click on the GET CODE button. Copy and paste the appearing code into your website source and start generating profits!

11. How are the players tracked and connected to my account?

All the banners and text link codes generated using your Netrefer account are embedded with your personal affiliate tracking code. When the visitors you refer click those banners or links to visit the website for the first time, this tracking code is captured by cookies stored on their computer when they sign up. This way, your visitors become our clients and you can rest assured that when they become official customers, you will be rewarded.

12. Why choose LVbet Partners?

There are plenty of reasons why you should start a partnership with us. Here are a few:
a. We want you to earn money. Because if you do, then we are making profits too.
b. Our expert affiliate managers will help you on a daily basis in order to maximise your revenue.
c. We offer the best converting online casino games: Novomatic, Net Entertainment, Wazdan, Edict and Microgaming.
d. We present exclusive offers for your visitors.
e. Our dedicated multi-lingual support team will always help the customers you refer.
f. You can get personalised banners, special offers and landing pages.

13. I operate more than one website. Can I track them separately under the same account?

Yes. This is not a problem. Simply log in, click on the MY ACCOUNT button, find MARKETING SOURCES and feel free to add all of your websites under your account. After that, you can generate media tracking links for all of your marketing sources separately.

14. What currency do I get paid in?

LVbet Partners will pay your earnings in EURO.

15. I forgot my password, what should I do?

Please click on the LOGIN button, and then click on the FORGOT PASSWORD? text under the password row.

16. In which languages do you offer affiliate support?

Our affiliate managers offer support in the following languages: English, German, Hungarian, Polish, Swedish.

17. How is the Revenue Share commission calculated?

Your commission is calculated using this formula:
Net Revenue = Gross Revenue – Bonuses – Admin fee*– Taxes.
*admin fee is % cost on Gross Revenue. It is different for traffic from each country ( depending upon your recruited players’ country of origin), including a payment relating to transaction handling and other service related costs.

18. Do you offer CPA, CPL, PREPAID or Hybrid deals?

We love statistics and we love to negotiate! In order for such deals to be considered, you will have to pass 2 months in our affiliate programme under the promotional 50% Revenue Share deal. After that, based on your results, your affiliate manager will prepare a personal offer for you based on your request.

19. Are there any countries you do not accept players from?

Due to legal reason we do not accept players from the following countries: USA, France, Italy, Denmark, Turkey, Estonia. For updates please refer to LVbet T&C or contact your affiliate manager.

20. In which languages do you offer marketing materials?

You will find our marketing materials in the following languages: English, German, Russian, Swedish, Norwegian, Hungarian, Polish, Finnish, Slovakian, Czech. In case you have a special request, do not hesitate to contact your affiliate manager.

21. Do you have a sub-affiliate programme?

Yes, we do have a sub-affiliate programme. So feel free to refer webmasters using your special sub-affiliate code, which can be found in your account. We will pay 5% from the commission generated by the affiliate you referred.

22. I would like to read the Terms and Conditions before I make a decision.

The LVbet Partners’ Terms and Conditions can be found at the bottom of this page of by clicking here.

23.I have more questions. How can I talk to somebody?

Please feel free to send an email to should you have any other questions.


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